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Our Story

Todd and Sons was opened in 1950 by James Todd in Dothan, AL. Originally, Todd's, as it was called at the time, was a high-end retail store for men and boys. Eventually, James Todd's wife, Mrs. Ann Todd, decided that it was time to sell to ladies as well. So that's what they did. Todd's saw great success during those retail years, but as the times began to change, so did Todd's. So, in the early 1990's, we made the switch from retail to corporate apparel. A few years later, marketing products were added to our roster. Today, we operate a number of multi-head embroidery machines in-house, embroidering everything from shirts and caps to bags, towels and much more. 

With nearly 70 years of apparel experience, Todd and Sons can help your business grow by putting your logo on just about anything. 

Let us help your business!
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